Future Now is set to release a limited number of NFTs for early birds, granting access to the exclusive High Class Investor Club (HCIC).These NFTs will be available for purchase on our project website starting 15.09.2023. The HCIC membership is purposely limited to ensure a vibrant community, fostering meaningful interactions and engagement.

HCIC Membership advantages:

• Preferential access to the $HCI token ICO

• Guaranteed Token allocation at discounted price

• Governance rights in decision-making process regarding the project’s future.

• $HCI Token Airdrop worth $100 of $HCI tokens after the public listing completion.

• Early project announcements of upcoming projects before becoming public.

• Private community of like-minded individuals, mentors, real estate experts

• Knowledge exchange about opportunities and all things related to Dubai market

Additionally Planned HCIC Membership advantages:

• Education via online courses and trainings to empower members to make informed and sound decisions in the Dubai market

• Access to our expert team and the Future Now network allows members to seek guidance from industry leaders.

• Real-life trips, including guided tours and on-site networking with experts in Dubai.

• Access to off-plan properties not yet available to the public.

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