Future Now is building a first-of-its-kind platform to leverage the advantages of blockchain and crowdfunding for the booming real estate market in Dubai. Our aim is to democratize access to the Dubai real estate market, enabling investors from all corners of the world to participate. Thanks to existing partnerships with reputable estate agents in Dubai, we have access to a diverse array of attractive off-plan properties that will be exclusively featured on our platform.

Advantages of crowdfunding for real estate properties secured by blockchain:

Security and transparency: Blockchain’s secure and transparent technology reduces the risk of fraud and ensures that investors have access to accurate information about their real estate projects.

Immutability: Once data is stored on the blockchain, it remains unchangeable, protecting investors’ interests and preventing any manipulation.

Efficiency and cost savings: Streamlining the real estate crowdfunding process through blockchain leads to greater efficiency and cost savings for investors.

Global reach: Blockchain’s global nature allows investors to participate in real estate crowdfunding projects from anywhere in the world.

Liquidity: Blockchain enhances the liquidity of real estate crowdfunding investments, making it easier for investors to sell their shares.

Reduced transaction costs: By eliminating intermediaries like lawyers and banks, blockchain reduces transaction costs for real estate crowdfunding projects.

Increased transparency: The blockchain records all transactions on a public ledger, enhancing transparency and enabling investors to track their investments easily.

Improved security: Leveraging blockchain’s secure and tamper-proof technology ensures improved security for real estate crowdfunding projects.

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